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Where are my Roll20 assets?

Maps, Map Tiles, and Map Assets

Each map set is uniquely integrated to get the most use out of the various Roll20 functions. If you are having trouble locating your map assets in Roll20, please check out the video for your set. You can find the video either in the product description on Roll20 or by visiting the "Maps and Assets" playlist on our Youtube channel. Click HERE for link.


Some adventures are available as Modules while others are Addons. Modules can be selected when you create a new game. Addons can be added to any game from the details page of a campaign before launching into the game.

More about Addons

Addons include special functionality that is specific to Roll20 - Dynamic lighting, audio, map tile card decks, and more! For this reason, Addons are only usuable on Roll20 and cannot be downloaded. Addons can be used to create a new game or be added directly to an existing game. For more information on how to do so, visit Roll20 Addon Help.

Are Loremasters adventures playtested?

Absolutely! Our Loremasters adventures undergo a meticulous testing process to guarantee an unforgettable experience for both game masters and players alike. Each adventure goes through a series of rigorous playtests, including a beta phase, ensuring that the content remains fresh and surprises even the most seasoned game masters.

We actively collect feedback from participants, allowing us to fine-tune every detail. This dedication results in adventures that are not only easy to run but also perfectly balanced, offering a challenge that enhances the overall excitement of your gaming sessions.

Furthermore, our adventures are expertly edited and structured, making them accessible to game masters of all experience levels. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to tabletop role-playing, our adventures provide an immersive and enjoyable experience without the need for extensive pre-reading.

Choose Loremasters adventures for thrilling, well-tested narratives that bring your tabletop games to life!

Can I publish through Loremasters?

Yes, you can! Loremasters LLC is a publishing company that specializes in all aspects of adventure publishing. Our process will help you fine tune your adventure ensuring it is professional quality before being released to market. For more information about how to publish through Loremasters, see our Contact Us page.